• Brad King
    Because the "why" never stops changing
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  • Specializing in User Interface Design and Development for Web Based Applications
  • Nashville Based
    with over 5 years experience working with remote teams.


When choosing between form and function is not an option

Product Discovery

Research and Discovery helps translate a business model into an interactive platform.

UX Design

Using wireframes and flow charts, I define the user flow through your app and the overall location of items, features, and information.

User Testing

Utilizing A/B testing, analytics, or user groups questionaires to collect the most data.

UI Design

What happens between interface states and defining how certain UI elements react to user interaction.

UI Development

Using modern and standard practices in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Libraries

Marketing and SEO

Just because the product has launched does not mean the work is done. Drive more hits and collect more data.

My Portfolio

The proof is in the pudding

UI Design
UI Development
Web Design
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"Brad is one of the very rare developers who understand the full spectrum of user interface and user experience challenges (and solutions!). His visual design skills are excellent, and he knows how to build what he designs. He actively champions the user experience, and never loses focus on the "why," the purpose, the call to action that his designs are to serve."

Garry Hornbuckle, Direcotor of Software Development

"Brad King is a passionate and knowledgeable UI developer and designer. I am just starting out in my career, and I have learned so much from the time I spent working with Brad. He has strong communication skills and can explain things in a way that anyone can understand."

Timothy Veilleux, UX Designer

About Me

While growing up in Nashville, TN, I started to realize at an early age that I enjoyed technology. Figuring out how technology worked always felt more like a puzzle than work. I had also learned that drawing and creating something from nothing gave me a great sense of pride. Although I grew up thinking one day I would have to decide between the two and choose a career path, once I got into college I realized I did not have to choose. Working with web sites I was able to get the best of both worlds. In my first year of college, I was fortunate enough to get a job for a local Apple service and sales store. I got a chance to work first hand with companies that were starting to merge design with technology, which at the time was a new concept.

After graduating with a Studio Art degree with an emphasis on technology communications, I was able to land a position in Birmingham, AL, working for a well known Photoshop plugin developing firm, AutoFX. Instantly I was thrown into a world of high-end design while keeping the interface light and friendly. I continued down this learning path while working with companies like TBS, Toyota, Krispy Kreme, AT&T and The Weather Channel. The challenge each of these projects brings to the table continues to fuel my passion for my work.



What is My Part of the Process?

There are many facets to design and development within multiple industries. Finding the right match can be difficult. Here is where I fit in.

  1. Client meetings to gather requirements
  2. Translating requirements into a visual workflow
  3. Designing the details of UI elements
  4. Building out the front end using HTML, CSS, and Javascript Libraries

Why Choose Me?

With over 10 years in the UI world I have worked with many large brands with high expectations. Below are just a few.

  • Turner Broadcasting (TBS)
  • The Weather Channel
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Toyota

My Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite 90%

  • HTML5 and CSS85%

  • Sketch90%

  • JavaScript55%